1. Been Here Before

2. Alive
3. Big Whiskey
4. Insomnia


“Energetic, hard-driven rock resembling a Sherman Tank on the Autobahn of sound! Get out of this band’s way!
Don’t stop, The Foreign Quarter!”

Michael Ried Perry,  Salt Lake City USA


6 TH October 2017

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14 TH October 2017

Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley

ISOLATION & The Foreign Quarter 


"Fed up of Beiber and the rest of the pop charts? Don't worry, this band have got you covered. At a time when hard hitting rock is at a low, this band really break the silence on the genre! With the sound of a British Black Stone Cherry (but better of course) The Foreign Quarter really know how to drop an EP.  These boys are not to be missed. Check them out at."

Chris Case - The Chris Case Rock Show

To listen to our E.P, Click on one of the links below

​“With aggressive, hard hitting guitars and vocals, these guys mean business. The fast pace rhythm and high energy vibe they give off in these tracks, I would happily pay to see this band live. You could listen to this band at any time and in any mood”

NEON club, Newport

Soap Girls, Holoson and The Foreign Quarter


Always looking for gigs and opportunities to promote ourselves. if you can help us, PLEASE get in touch.

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The Foreign Quarter is an exciting high energy four-piece rock band hailing from Worcestershire.

Their original songwriting sees catchy vocal melodies combine with groovy guitar riffs and hooks that ring of Killswitch Engage and Black Stone Cherry, giving you the unmistakable fresh sound of The Foreign Quarter.

Lead vocals and Rhythm guitar - Tom Franklin
Lead Guitar - Rob Graney 
Bass - Russ Staples
Drums - Nobby Clarke 

After recording our EP and continuing to write more songs, we want to get out and show people the music we’re creating.

Our live shows have become far more enjoyable, when you have people sing back your lyrics too you, rather than just the covers that they know, it all starts to feel worth the hard work and dedication that goes into the whole process.

Overall we just want as many gigs as possible to showcase our material and for wider audiences too hear our ‘sound’.




Currently looking for                   bookings